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Charlie on the set of SOA 9.30.14
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Just So Y’all Know

The current 3 giveaways are now (and have been) closed and winners have already been selected. If you didn’t win, NO WORRIES, because I plan on doing another giveaway :) I’ll be back with the announcement of what in the future, but I’m always open to requests of what fandom I should choose from this time.

Love you all!

Celtic Skye

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Anon Request

If you’re going to fight, you can’t be afraid to get hit.
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"As above, So Below, As Within, So Without" is a saying in Wicca. This phrase comes from the beginning of The Emerald Tablet and embraces the entire system of traditional and modern magic which was inscribed upon the tablet in cryptic wording by Hermes Trismegistus.
The significance of this phrase is that it is believed to hold the key to all mysteries. All systems of magic are claimed to function by this formula. “‘That which is above is the same as that which is below.” Microcosmos is the same as microcosmos. The universe is the same as the God and Goddess, the God and Goddess is the same as man, man is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as…and so on, ad infinitum. It basically means that everything is connected to everything else. That which is above me is also below me, That which is inside me is also outside of me.
This is how we do our magic, we use the connectedness with the universe, with the Gods and Goddesses, with the earth, with each other. we will a change with our energy. All energy has power every action, even thoughts and words have energy therefore have power.